Date 2018 - January (one week)
Tech Custom engine : C++ / SFML / GLSL
Collaborators Maxime Lennoz (Composer, writer), Olivier Stein (developer, writer)

Prototype for a story driven game centered around a 2D interactive book. As a crime kingpin, work with an FBI agent to catch a serial killer roaming in your territory.

  • Pages can be turned by using the mouse or automatically
  • Only 2D sprites are used
  • The effect is based on simple shaders, making it easily adaptable to any platform.
  • Story files are written as text files with minimal syntax, making it accesible to non programmers


The code can be found on my GitLab.

Windows 32 bit


The project started as command line "adventure book" style game. I wanted to be able to simply write text files and turn that into a game, like the system inkle used on their 80 Days and Sorcery ! games. They did a very instructive GDC talk about their tool, which inspired me to write my own.

I finally decided to take up that idea in a week long game jam. My friend (and coworker at the time) Olivier Stein then worked his Photoshop magic to give it that nice "Gangster film" touch, and helped around with the code. The lovely audio was made by Maxime Lennoz.

The project is currently being ported on Godot Engine 3.